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Dell Hamilton has helped pioneer the contract unloading (lumping) industry. This industry is now being referred to as the Contract Warehouse Labor Services industry. Over Dell’s 30+ year career, he founded 4 “CWLS” companies, including the largest in the country. Recently he founded Daystar Logistics, previously co-founded EXE Logistics Services, CMG. and CapStone, formerly known as PLS. Dell is a leader, coach, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and volunteer. Dell has successfully provided both direct unloading services, and 3PL services oversight, to the following companies: Lasko, Speed Fulfillment, Mervyns, Family Dollar, Kroger/ Peyton’s, Sysco, PFG, SuperValu, Food Lion, Giant Eagle, Michelin, BF Goodrich, and many others. He established effective safety programs while a former member and co-owner of the IWLA Insurance Company. Dell is a team-building HR specialist who pioneered incentive pay programs used in the CWLS industry today.

What Daystar customer's say

When we were looking for a partner to help us with container unload, we had some critical criteria.  We needed a reliable partner that could meet their staffing and productivity promises.  We needed a partner that understood our needs at start up and had experience integrating their staff into our operation. We needed a partner that had integrity. We had never had ‘outsourced labor’ in our facility before, so we had concerns about safety, security, and interaction with our existing (union) workforce.

From day one, Daystar made a positive impact on our operation.  The startup was well planned and executed. Their senior leadership was on site until they were satisfied the new team was ready to be on their own.  

The Daystar staff operates just like a part of our overall distribution team.  It is seamless. They attend safety briefings and holiday celebrations just like everyone else.  They have been able to flex their staffing to accommodate spikes in volume, which has virtually eliminated any container detention and demurrage.  They have accomplished this without a single complaint from our existing staff.   Their safety record has been outstanding.   However, I think my favorite thing about Daystar is that they are timely and accurate on their billing. It gives Daystar a great reputation with our accounting department and executive team.

I could not be happier with the job they are doing.